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Fresno's premier automotive protection provider

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Who We Are

At Elite Auto Spa, we value a customer-centered approach by operating as a low-volume, high-quality shop. We pride ourselves on taking the extra time required to ensure superior care and attention is given to each vehicle that comes through our doors. This allows us to perform custom jobs tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We have found that taking this approach produces the best results and the most satisfied customers.

“We don’t aim to be the biggest, we aim to be the best”

– Andre van de Graaf

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Paint Correction

A treatment for removing surface flaws to make your vehicle look brand new again.

Elite Auto Spa Paint Correction BG

Paint Protection Film

A physical barrier acting as a sacrificial layer of protection between your car and the rest of the world.

Elite Auto Spa Ceramic Coating BG

Ceramic Coating

Both protection and a candy-like gloss can be achieved from application of surface coatings.